8 TYPES OF CASINO GAMES – Casino is a very popular game and is a great game and provides great advantages in the betting element, there is no need to play casino directly because casino gambling games can be accessed online with smartphones based on Android or Ios, computers and netbooks .

Online casino gambling games can now be played directly, known as live casinos, as the name implies, this game is played live with other players and in this online casino gambling game, you can enjoy all casino games which of course give you an advantage.

Playing online casino at home allows you to try all online casino games with just a smartphone, games that can be tried are games that use dice, playing cards and dominoes in online casino gambling games.




Everyone who plays online casino gambling is usually because they want to make a profit, online casino gambling games are indeed quite free, safe and profitable so you need to register yourself in an online casino site that has many types of games that you can play. Here are a number of online casino games that you can try.

  • Roulette Game
    One of these casino games does not use game tools such as cards such as poker games that are often played by casino players, this game uses a playboard containing numbers from 0 to 36 and is placed on the table. The roulette game board will be rotated and above it is thrown a ball that will move along with the board rotation, now the job of the roulette player is to guess correctly about which number of balls will stop moving, if your guess is correct then you can become a champion of the roulette game, You don’t spin the board and throw the ball yourself, there’s a dealer or mechanism that will do the job.
  • Blackjack Poker Game
    Poker blackjack as one of the most popular casino games in a number of groups of people, the game of blackjack not only presents an attractive game and provides a quite exciting experience but blackjack has a fairly high level of difficulty so that it can make you feel challenged to play this online gambling game.

    From the following points of view, what makes the blackjack game so interesting like the dragon tiger game, the more difficult it is to play, so you must be enthusiastic and challenged to play blackjack. Blackjack and Dragon Tiger are games that have a fairly high level of difficulty, to be able to win blackjack, you need to have a combination of cards of 21 or maybe less than 21 and if it is more than 21 then it is considered a loss.


  • Baccarat Game
    Online Casino Baccarat Gambling is an online casino game that uses playing cards as a playing tool, in baccarat there are 2 factions namely the player and the banker where these 2 factions will both win by getting a total card value close to 9, they will be divided by 2 cards, these 2 cards will determine which faction will win and the total value of the card closest to the number 9 will be the winner, if both factions have the same card value then the game is over, this baccarat game is really simple so that it is easy for beginners to understand.
  • Sicbo game
    The Sicbo game is popular among online casino gambling players, this type of game uses 3 dice so you need to guess the results that are issued from the 3 dice, if your guess is right then your hand wins.
  • Dragon Tiger Game
    Like the baccarat game that is played between the player and the dealer, this one online casino game only fights for the highest value to win the bet at the dealer, if there is a tie or tie then the entire bet can become the dealer because it is certain to win, the tie situation only returns 1/2 bet that you’ve been wearing in the first place.
  • Poker Games
    One of the most popular online casino games until a competition is held every year with phenomenal prizes, online poker lovers can be predicted to exceed several thousand people with the key to winning poker, you must understand the enemy’s tactics and the combination of cards you have, if you want to win playing poker, you must have The highest combination of cards, winning poker will certainly get a lot of advantages.
  • Dominoes Game
    Domino games use 1 complete domino card deck, domino cards will be distributed to each player in the same number of cards, the fastest player to spend his dominoes is the winner of this game.
  • Online Slot Games
    The last type of online casino game is online slots, this one game is very popular and crowded with online casino gambling lovers because of its lightness and simplicity when playing, even online slots offer great games and provide benefits because there is a big jackpot that you can get. earn.