COCK FIGHTING ABILITY IN FIGHT – Fighting between chickens or commonly known as cockfighting is already familiar to the public, a quality fight is based on the ability of a classy and tough chicken, for that we must be more careful in choosing a chicken and knowing the ability of the chicken in fighting.





How to know the fighting ability of a fighting cock can be known only by holding the shape of the chicken’s body itself, but chicken hobbyists will not be satisfied just by holding their body shape but must look at the style of cockfighting and by trying to fight between fighting cocks this is accurate evidence in judging fighting cock ability.

When pitting cocks to assess fighting ability, we must pay attention to several things in assessing the quality of fighting cocks to be purchased. Here are some things to watch out for.

  • Agile Movement

    The agile movement will make it easier for the chicken to attack and avoid the opponent’s blow, the more agile the chicken the better the quality, then it must be noted that if the movement is agile at the beginning, the chicken has poor stamina.

  • Control Ability

    Control ability is the ability where the chicken can overcome the opponent’s blow with little movement, he will not hit a wasted blow or miss the target, the chicken with good control will use time and energy in attacking with the right target.


  • Punch Parry Ability

    A bad rooster usually can’t parry the opponent’s blow, but a good rooster has the speed to dodge and even parry the opponent’s blow, usually this chicken will let his opponent attack first and get ready to make an accurate counterattack and right on target.

  • Punch Accuracy

    We can know an accurate hit from the sound of the blow given to the opponent, if the sound is noisy then the blow is not accurate and not lethal, but if the sound is singular like the sound of bamboo breaking then that punch means it is right on target and causes tremendous pain to the opponent.

  • Counter Attack

    Usually the champion fighting cock will immediately counterattack without giving the opponent a chance to get ready, this good cock will give a hard and cruel counterattack at the time of counterattack.

  • Scramble for Position

    The way the chickens fight for this position must also be considered, a good fighting cock dealer will always win the fight for the attacking position, if you press the chicken it will disperse the opponent quickly or it can also break through from between the opponent’s legs and attack from behind.

  • Sharpness of the spur

    The sharpness of the spurs must also be considered, if the fighting cock attacks the target, such as on the neck or eyes and it can also be on the nerves at the back of the head then this is a deadly blow for the opponent, if the spurs are not sharp then the hit on target will be in vain.

Those are some things that need to be considered in Assessing the Ability of Cockfighting, hopefully you can choose a fighting cock that has good quality and wins the match in the Cockfighting arena.