Learn the Kinds of Terms in Online Sportsbook Gambling

Learn the Kinds of Terms in Online Sportsbook Gambling – The information behind online soccer gambling games really needs to be understood and studied by every online soccer gambling player. Betting on soccer betting online using real money is something that many fans are used to doing nowadays. This is because playing online soccer gambling can already be done using a smartphone that is already connected to an internet connection. Of course, playing online soccer gambling is now much easier and modern for every gambling player in Indonesia to do.

Well, before players want to play online soccer gambling, players must know what the terms are in the sbobet sportsbook gambling game. For those who don’t know what sbobet is, sbobet is one of the well-known services that provides online soccer betting bets in Indonesia. By making online soccer betting bets with sbobet, each player will make bets safely and comfortably.

For those of you who are new or beginners in playing this sbobet sportsbook gambling, you must know what the terms are in this sportsbook game. So that later you are not confused by what these terms are so that you can carry out bets very smoothly. So, below I will tell you what are the terms in the link alternatif liga88 sportsbook gambling game that you can understand easily.

1. Deposit Or Deposit

When players want to play online soccer gambling or sportsbook gambling on sbobet, then the players will find this term deposit or deposit later. Where the term deposit itself is that each player must make a fund transfer transaction first in order to bet. You will definitely find this term on the sbobet sportsbook menu or on the sbobet sportsbook site.

So, before you want to make a bet on the sportsbook, every player is required to make a deposit first. So that later you can place whatever sportsbook bets you want to be able to play on sbobet.

2. Withdraw or WD

The second term that every player needs to know when playing sbobet sportsbook gambling is withdraw or better known as withdrawing funds. Withdraw is one of the terms if players want to withdraw a number of wins that have been obtained when betting on sportsbook gambling. Well, if you want to take a number of these wins, then you have to look for the withdraw or WD menu in it later.

3. Handicap Or HDP

The next term in sbobet sportsbook gambling is handicap or hdp, which is one of the most popular types of bets on sbobet. When you want to play this handicap or HDP, you have to understand what this type of bet means. Where in this handicap bet, each player can determine whether he wants to make a bet on a strong team or a weak team later.

4. Odds and Kei/Tax

The next thing you need to pay attention to when playing this alternative sportsbook link is the terms odds and also kei/taxes in each type of bet. Where the odds and also the key are very influential in getting the win you want later. Therefore, every player must know this one term in order to be able to determine what odds and keys they want to bet later.

5. Half Time/First Half

The fifth term that every player needs to know is half time / first half in each type of sportsbook bet in the sbobet service. So, the term half time itself is that each player must place a bet on each type of match in one round only. Of course you can find half time / first half like that and determine each type of match that will run later.

6. Full Time

Furthermore, an important term when playing sbobet sportsbook gambling which you will definitely find is the term full time / full round. Where every player will find this term if they want to place a bet until the match is finished or full time in each match. Of course, this term is more or less the same as the term half time where each player is free to decide later.

7. Mix Parlay/Mix Bet

Well, then in the seventh term that you need to understand, this is the term mix parlay / mixed bet in the sbobet sportsbook gambling. So, you can play this mix parlay/mixed bet in a way that you have to choose at least 3 teams for one ticket. If all three teams win, then each player will get a large number of wins.


HOW TO PLAY BEGINNER’S SPORTSBOOK – For some people only seeing football matches is less exciting if it is not accompanied by bets, the size of the bet value is not a benchmark but the excitement felt when winning or losing a bet becomes a certain entertainment, considering the large number of football fans so because of that, soccer betting is an inseparable part of football matches, be it the local league or the world cup.

The strict prohibition against playing gambling in Indonesia has made some people start to look at online betting via the internet, the rapidity of internet technology has made online soccer gambling sites spread everywhere from those offering themselves as soccer agents to several sites with increasingly phenomenal bonus promotions.





For those who are interested, it is definitely better if you know how to play online soccer gambling first and understand some of the terms used before playing directly on online gambling sites.

Online Football Gambling Betting Exchange

Online gambling sites that offer online soccer gambling betting games must have a place where the bet values ​​are placed and how the current betting market moves, that place is known as the betting market or betting exchange, on online gambling sites such as poker dealers can also follow the betting exchange that is in the sports menu or sportsbooks.

Basically the betting market that is shown includes several types of sports ranging from football, tennis, badminton, basketball, karate and others but what is reviewed in this article is about how to play online soccer gambling for beginners, so the sport being reviewed is football or betting exchanges. ball.

Below are the meanings that are often found in online soccer betting exchanges, namely:

  • Full Time (FT) : in football FT means a full set with 2 x 45 minutes of action. If online soccer betting bets are made based on FT, then the score that is used as a reference is the score at the end of the 2 x 45 minute match.
  • Half Time (HT) : It is said to be 1/2 set because HT is only a 1 x 45 minute football match. Online soccer betting bets on the HT site are scores up to 1/2 set which are used as references.
  • Odds : the value of kei or the value of one running bet and what is the winning value received if the soccer betting bet wins. Example -1.35 means that for a bet on that number you need IDR. 135,000 for a win of IDR. 100,000,- or +1.15 means that by betting IDR. 100,000,- and when you win, you will receive IDR. 115,000,-.
  • Home (H) : is the meaning for the home team or the team on the left.
  • Away (A) : is a call for the away team or the team placed on the right side.
  • HDP : is the handicap betting market that will be explained in this article.

Types of Online Football Gambling Games

There are several types of soccer gambling games, such as:

  • Handicap: online soccer betting using a voor system between a stronger team on a weaker team, there are rules and regulations in the voor handicap that apply internationally, especially the Asian market.
  • 1 X 2 : 1 X 2 type of soccer gambling game, one of the longest known online soccer betting bets, the steps for playing 1 X 2 soccer gambling are only guessing at the end of one match whether 1 (home team) won or X (draw result ) or even 2 (the away team) win, this 1 X 2 game does not use the voor system and is very easy with the odds value shown as a determinant of how much the winning payout value will be received if the guess is right.
  • Over/Under: guessing the number of goals formed on a football team, this type of online soccer betting is betting on the Over (above) or Under (under) place of a predetermined limit value in the soccer betting market or soccer market, provisions from the limit value, follow the same conditions as the handicap.
  • Mix Parlay: another call for this soccer betting is multiple choice, the condition for playing mix parlay is to choose a minimum of 3 teams on a bet value. If there is only one team that loses then the overall bet is considered lost, the mix parlay gives a high odds value if all the choices taken are successful in winning overall, this type of Mix Parlay soccer gambling is really liked as a game on the most trusted lottery agent site.
  • Outright: is a type of soccer betting bet that chooses one team to win from a separate competition or separate league, the odds on outright always change as the competition progresses but bets that have been officially entered will follow the odds that apply at that time.


There are still many types of online soccer gambling games but these five types are often played and become favorite betting games.

Steps to Play Handicap Online Football Gambling

As discussed above, handicap is a type of soccer gambling game that uses a voor system and the provisions of this system have international applicable calculation provisions as follows:

  • A : B : means that team A is on the left and team B is on the right, if the score is placed on team B, then team A will give voor to team B and vice versa.
  • 0 : 0 : it means that the two competing teams have the same chance, the goal that is scored is the winning hero and when the score ends in a draw / draw, the bet that occurs is said to be a draw / draw and the bet money is returned to the member.
  • 0 : 1/4 : is the voor given from team A to team B. This voor 1/4 writing on the football betting market is usually recorded with the numbers 0 – 0.5, the decision of voor 1/4 if the score ends with a draw, therefore bets on team A will lose 1/2 the value of the bet, to score a win must be one goal difference.
  • 0 : 1/2 : voor 1/2 is recorded as 0.5 where if the score in one team finishes a draw then team A which gives voor will lose the total bet value, to be able to win fully team A must score more than one goal.
  • 0 : 3/4 : voor 3/4 if the ball market is recorded 0.5 – 1 which means that if there is a difference of one goal for team A’s advantage, the value of the bet won is 1/2 and to be able to win fully it takes a difference of two goals for the team A, the result of a draw of course bets on team B will win in its entirety.
  • 0: 1: voor 1 is given team A where to be able to win soccer betting bets in full it takes a difference of two goals, soccer betting money will be returned to members if the score formed is only one goal for team A.
  • 0: 1 1/4: this voor rule is repeated the same as voor 1/4 where it is necessary to add only a goal difference, for example, team A to win the entire bet must have a difference of two goals and if team A only wins by one goal then that the bet value on team A will lose 1/2.
  • 0 : 1.5 : then equal to voor at 1/2 with the difference that lies in goals only, as well as the next voor voor, this voor rule applies to Asian and world football betting markets.

This handicap provision applies the same as the limit value in over/under games, so for example in over-under there is a value of 1.5, therefore the goals mentioned under are 2 goals down and those stated over are 2 goals or more.

Steps to Play Soccer Gambling on the Most Trusted Online Gambling Site

Before playing online soccer gambling, first determine which gambling site you want to use for betting, choose a site that is most trusted and has a legal license and has an office abroad, create a member account on the gambling site and start with a deposit of funds, for new members make sure the bonus given is in accordance with the provisions of the promo from the relevant online gambling site.

Then select the sports menu or sportsbooks and look at the existing betting markets along with the visible odds, the calculation of the odds is very easy to understand for example -1.40 means to bet IDR 100,000,- you need IDR 140,000, – while +1.20 means if you bet IDR. 100,000, – if you win the money received is IDR. 120,000, -.

If you are sure of the team you have chosen to compete in, then place the total bet value, see the table where there is a type of game and the expected time limit for the match is FT or HT. To enter the bet value, click on the number taken according to the expected game type table.

Please fill in the nominal or desired bet credit value in the match, don’t forget to always click confirm bet to make sure the bet that was just made has officially entered the soccer market.

Check the remaining credit and bet history if the numbers match and the teams at stake are also visible and online soccer betting bets have been officially and successfully entered the soccer betting market.